We may be a small club but we are a very active club.


Applications for membership can be made by filling out the application form, signing it, and sending to the Secretary, Tangimoana Boating Club Inc., 3 Marine Parade, Tangimoana. The application form in .pdf format can be found here. If you are a current member, the form to renew your membership for the 2020/21 period in .pdf format can be found here.

A members spouse also becomes a member at no cost, but has no voting rights.

The club is an incorporated society and as such has the normal rules and regulations. There are two documents that are available, that is the Club Constitution which can be found here, and the Club By-laws which can be found here.

Boat Register

The club also keeps a register of club members boats, not only for club use but also for use by outside agencies in the case of an emergency. While the register is mainly for club members, if you are a regular user of the launching ramp at Tangimoana and you would like to register your boat also, then feel free to provide the same information and you will be included in the register.

The online registration form is found here.


The club runs a fully stocked and licensed bar which is open at specific times and for special occasions. The clubrooms can also be hired for other events such as weddings or birthdays, just to name a couple.

Bar hours are (from January 6):
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4pm - 9pm
Thursday: 5pm to 10pm
Friday: 5pm to 11pm
Saturday: 5pm to 11pm
Sunday: 4pm - 9pm

The clubs has great facilities such as a fully stocked bar, outside area including separate smoking area, and a pool and darts room.

Boat Launching

There is a launching ramp not too far from the club where boats are launched into the Rangitikei river. Unfortunately, the ramp is sometimes affected by floodwaters after heavy rains, and currently requires a bit of attention. However, it is currently useable and there is ample parking for your vehicle and trailer.

Once your boat has been launched then the next obsctacle is of course crossing the bar to get out onto the sea proper. If you have not crossed a bar before then it is strongly suggested that check out the information about crossing a bar on the Coastguard website.

Crossing the Tangimoana Bar

There are some great videos on YouTube of club members crossing the bar (not to be confused with the navy term crossing the bar, which means deceased). Here are links to a few of the YouTube video clips. Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

Our History

The Tangimoana Boating Club Inc has been in existence from 1954 and a list of the various committees from the very first AGM can be found here.

Tangimoana itself has a colourful history and a document compiled from newspaper clippings from 1922 thru 1960 can be found here - makes for some very interesting reading.

More interesting stuff

Tangimoana was a thriving community in the mid 20 - 30's as you can see from these two photos.

This photo was possibly one of the original stores in Tangimoana, named (???). The middle of the crowd in this image is very close to the exact site that the Club rooms are sited today. Tangimoana was also a popular place for those in the area to visit on a nice day, as the beach was only a short distance from the Tangimoana Township.

In the second photo you can see the river as it was back then, but it now flows on a different course to protect the village from flooding and erosion. This photo is taken just over the stop bank from the current clubhouse. Look at some of those boats; I wonder if any are still around today.

We would also love to hear from any family members that might remember any of these vessels, or in fact remember any of the events that happened at Tangimoana in the early days. Some of these small coastal villages have wonderful history - what a great idea for a book.